Checklist for your visit to the Design Studio

You’ve just purchased a new home. Now it is time to start designing the house of your dreams. But with so many options and decisions to be made, the job of making your house a home can seem a bit overwhelming. A meeting with your décor consultant at your design studio or decor centre is just what you need to create a beautiful, personalized home. In line with construction schedules, your designer will meet with you by appointment so that features such as floor plans, ceiling heights, electrical and, plumbing options and, appliance specifications, and more can be accommodated, and the builder has time to specify the materials required for the project. Being prepared is the key to ensuring a productive meeting with your designer. Here is a checklist for your visit to the design studio or decor centre that will ensure a successful meeting with your designer

Calculating Your Budget is the First Step in Adding the Designer Touch to Your New Home.

Before you start browsing the many design options for your new home, determine your budget; this will save much time and keep a reality check on your decisions. Important also is to establish the design elements included in the feature sheet and what elements can be upgraded or changed.

Pull Together your Favorite Design Ideas for Your New Home.

  1. Collect photos of your favorite art, living spaces, kitchens, decors, etc.
  2. Look through designer magazines and collect images from different design genres and retail catalogs.
  3. Collect fabric or color swatches of your favorite color and textures.
  4. Create room by room Pinterest Boards.

Get Inspired with Ideas by Visiting the Design Studio and Model Homes

When you meet with your designer at your design studio, she will help you to can become familiar with the many finishes and options offered, and guide you through the process to inspire you to select the style, colour and feeling that is right for your home. Model homes are also a great place to get design ideas. Remember to take pictures.

Be Prepared to Tell Your Designer How You Plan Live in Your New Home

Your designer will help you make decisions for your ideal home based on how you plan to spend time in your home: Do you like to cook? Are you a homebody? Do you entertain? Do you want a kid and pet-friendly home? Do you like housework? Do you have health considerations? The more you tell her about how you plan to use the home, the better she will be equipped to help you make the right design choices.


  • Consider how you will live in the space. Is this your first house? Are you downsizing? Is this your forever home or are you looking to move within a few years? Do you have children or parents living with you?
  • Prepare a wish list based on things that you have seen or always dreamed of having and of things that you do not see as important or as a priority to you.
  • Prioritize your wish list based on what options cannot be or are difficult to complete after moving in and what elements to add at a later date.
  • Review the pricing and worksheet provided as a tool to prepare your budget and wish list.
  • Prepare a list of questions for your designer. Include requests for pricing and any custom request you may have.
  • Prepare a personal budget and priority list to keep you focused during the process.
  • Keep a file or notebook with pictures, samples, fabric swatches, and paint colours to show your designer.
  • Discuss with your family what sort of vision you have for your new home and what options are important to you.
  • Shop around for appliances and bring specifications so that any changes required can be discussed and accommodated.
  • Think about furniture and living space. What furniture will you bring? What will you buy? Who will occupy each bedroom? Do you need a craft room? A playroom? A media room?

Most importantly, relax and be prepared to have fun while enjoying the process of creating your Dream Home!

Creating your dream home can be overwhelming. So, don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice. Professional advice, coupled with your personal taste and aesthetic vision, will not only give you your home of your dreams but protect your investment. For more information about your visit to the design studio, visit Royalpark Home’s Royal Boutique.