Upgrades for your new home that pay on resale

When building a new home, choosing upgrades is one of the most crucial decisions a homeowner will make. According to Patricia Parent, décor specialist with Royal Park Homes’, Royal Boutique, resale value is the most important consideration for selecting upgrades for your new home buyer.
Parent explained, “Selecting upgrades that are neutral and classic in colour and style will be more marketable for the future resale of the home. It is best to add personal taste and style after moving into the home.”

Parent continued, “Other advantages of upgrading during the building process include the opportunity to make structural or framing changes that are impossible or difficult to do later. Upgrading during the building process is also beneficial because a new home warranty (Tarion) will often cover upgrades. And, from a financial standpoint, upgrades done at construction will tie into the mortgage. Finally, having a new, completely finished, move-in ready home is reassuring and exciting for the homeowner.”

Parent recommends these five upgrades for your new home that will pay on resale: kitchen upgrades, smooth ceilings, hardwood flooring throughout, increased ceiling height, and tile upgrades.

Kitchen Upgrades are Always a Worthwhile Investment

Realtors mostly agree that if you invest in your kitchen, you will get your money back when it comes time to sell. Typical kitchen upgrades include stainless steel, energy efficient appliances, stone countertops, taller cabinets, and tile floors.

Lighten and Brighten a Room’s Mode with Smooth Ceilings

Smooth ceilings are advantageous because they lighten a room and visually raise the ceiling. Smooth ceilings also make decorating easier and will not collect as much dust as popcorn ceilings, which is beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Today’s Buyers Expect Hardwood Flooring Throughout a Home

Wood flooring is slick and clean looking along with easy to maintain; therefore, wood flooring throughout a home is always an attractive selling point. Also, wood floors make small spaces appear larger.

High Ceilings Create a Roomy, Larger Feel to Any Space

High and coffered ceilings, which are typically 10 to 14 feet, make a room appear bigger than lower ceilings. And, by raising the ceilings, taller windows can be installed, which will bring more light into the room. Finally, because hot air rises and escapes, high ceiling create an automatic cooling and ventilation system.

Tile Upgrades to Your New Home are Certain to Pay on Resale

Whether installed in a simple pattern or elaborate design, the style, quality, and ease of care of tiles are a sure way to impress a buyer. And, because tile is very versatile and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and tones, and different glazes, it’s a wonderful way for homeowners to get creative and add that special finishing touch to their floors, kitchen, bathroom, walls, or any indoor and outdoor space.

Building a new home allows homeowners to create a home that reflects their unique style, specific needs, and true personality; however, they must be careful that their upgrade choices will pay off if they ever choose to sell. One way to assure this is to consult professional interior design consultants such as those at Royal Park Homes’, Royal Boutique Design Studio. The design consultants at the Royal Boutique Design Studio are knowledgeable about the construction process and which upgrades are most important based on budget and priority. The designers can also advise new homeowners on colour flow and coordination of styles, and on current and upcoming trends.